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The mourning after the night before...

Two killers. One target. No chance.

"Five Years! - He ain't changed a bit..."
They have.

A revenge tale for the Twitter generation - trailer arriving incredibly soon.

Established in 2010 by Alexander Eden, Stolen Candy Pictures continues to hold true to its central aim of creating compelling films that cut through one’s sensibilities. Many long nights later, and we finally feel he's created a website that helps communicate this ethos.

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Alexander Eden is one of the new wave of young British filmmakers breaking onto the international scene. Passionate and creative, he has made a seamless transition into the visual world from his literary education and fashion background; ask him and he may even attribute some of his success to this unique perspective.

He’s currently developing his first original feature, Going Up, based on his time spent reading English Literature at Oxford (graduating with honours in 2010), and driven by a desire to infuse a commercially viable, coming of age comedy with more than just an inflated budget. On the verge of pre-production, the film looks set for a 2014 release date. (Famous last words…)

Alexander has also been recently commissioned to write a feature set in the steamy heart of a sordid celebrity kitchen. With the working title Red Meat, this is set to be a revenge thriller that serves someone right…

At the same time, Alexander enjoys bringing his experience and enthusiasm to others’ projects. In the past year he has been hired to direct various promos and music videos, and even shoot the photographs for latest Sofia Moore fashion campaign. With 2013 already promising more photographic assignments and his first advert commission, it’s going to be a very exiting year at Stolen Candy.



Producer (‘Will There Be Blood?’, ‘Tag’, ‘Dirty Tricks’)

Sean has overseen production on each of Alexander’s shorts with the same commitment, skill, and unwavering positivity that makes him an asset to any project and an absolute joy to work with.

Educated at Oxford, where he first met Alexander, Sean graduated in 2011 with a Masters in Chemistry. Since then he’s enjoyed a full-time position at Loft Post Production, where he has recently been made Head of Production.


Producer (‘Will There Be Blood?')

Following extensive studies at the Sorbonne, and over seven years of living and breathing the vibrant capital, Huw helped give us perhaps the most definitive character of our first short
- the city of Paris itself.

Problem-solver, lateral-thinker, network-creator; there is no job too big nor detail too small for this Franco-Australian multi-tasker, professor of translation at the Sorbonne and translator extraordinaire in his own right.


Composer (‘Will There Be Blood?’, ‘Tag’, ‘Dirty Tricks’)

When Anthony first sat down at piano at the age of seven, little did he know his passion would grow into a successful career. Soon various bands added the guitar, bass guitar and drums to his repertoire, and this knowledge continues to add colour to his musical pieces today.

Anthony majored in composition, and received his Bachelor of Music (Birmingham) with honours in 2010, and MA in Composition for Film and Television (Bristol) a year later. Anthony currently resides in Bristol, where he is quickly making a name for himself in the world of film and television composition.

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